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Kismet, Way Of The Sword

Tarot Project

Limited Edition Collectibles


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"Kismet, Way Of The Sword" Tarot Project

Limited to 9 editions + 4 Artist Prints or Download Tiff's  - Signed & numbered & Certificate Of Authenticity


Created at Londa R. Marks Studio on (Via della Spada) Way Of The Sword, Firenze, Italy 2018-2020

"Kismet, Way Of The Sword," digital art print collection includes eclectic art from Florence, Italy visionary Londa R. Marks' project Inspired by bass legend, songwriter Pete Way & Florence Italy's Supreme Poet Dante Alighieri.


Art That Tells A Story - Your Story

Artist's have the ability to embed magick into their art. Tarot cards exemplify this. They are a nexus to a magickal, prophetic story when combined with various tarot cards in readings. The cards tell possibilities of who we are, where we are, where we’ve been, and where we’re going. Adept storytellers can reveal the magick in tarot art by articulating the intimate tale meant solely for whom the cards are dealt for

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