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Londa Marks 2014 Firenze Across From Limbo



Artist / Author
Londa Marks


Londa Marks, American visionary of Art, Music, Technology, Metaphysics & Cryptography: the art of writing codes or solving codes, is highly skilled in this realm of knowledge and her synaesthetic perceptions such as hearing music and seeing art and colors in "the mind's eye" has been the engine for Londa having invented, written and designed 15 Tarot decks/kits, numerous booklets, music magazines, fashion and other works of art — many of which have been created at her ancient studio in Florence, Italy.


Creating magical worlds is what Londa does best the surreal & the fantastical unique stories. Each piece of Londa's art is carefully designed to evoke emotion and take the viewer on a mystical journey. Artist Londa Marks is a true creative in every sense. She is an artist and author creating limited edition art pieces full of story.


Experience a wide range of Londa's meticulously crafted original pieces in the studio collection, all executed with benevolence, passion and purpose bidding you to unlock hidden meanings and stories behind each work of art. Discovering Londa's thought evoking magickal art is a must and results in truly unique and captivating essence.

(Card from "Kismet, Way Of The Sword" Tarot, (pub. 2020), depicting Londa in the II Of Swords card.)

“Londa, you are one of the most talented artist’s I have had the honor of working with.”

Stuart Kaplan CEO U.S. Games Systems (April 1, 1932—February 9, 2021) publisher of Londa Tarot, Crow's Magick Tarot by Londa and Lord Of The Rings Tarot. U.S. Games Systems is the world's largest publisher of tarot.

Londa Marks and her Londa Tarot deck were featured at U.S. Games Systems ABA (American Bookseller Association) 1994 show in Los Angeles. After Londa and Stuart completed interviews Londa performed tarot readings with the Londa Tarot deck.


Shown here is Stuart in his Stamford, CT office with one of Londa's original characters behind him (partially shown top left). It is named, The Shadow. The painting Stuart is holding is Pamela Colman Smith, UK, (February 16, 1878September 18, 1951); the tarot artist whom he credits for the start and success of U.S. Games Systems. She created the popular Rider-Waite deck. 

"Kaplan has always been clear that he decided to leave Wall Street and become a divination and playing card publisher because he was attracted to the history and artwork of tarot cards, rather than their ability to divine the future. However, it seems natural to ask whether he thinks there was some sort of providence that caused the deck to land in his hands... he smiles slowly. “I think there was.”, September 13, 2018


Londa Marks 1993 Developing Londa Tarot, San Francisco, CA

Crow's Magick Tarot Cards.png

Crow's Magick Tarot by Londa Marks - First ever tarot deck created on computer. Published By U.S. Games Systems.

“Your original illustrations are knocking me on my ear; you’re a natural.”

Art Professor Murray Stern from Athens, Ohio whose work is in the Kennedy Museum of Art Collection 


"Londa Marks hallmarks are professionalism, as well as great inspiration. There is no one more creative. The work she has done for me is beyond my highest expectations."

Alan Spencer, Producer of TV Series Sledge Hammer


"I have never met an artist with more natural ability than Londa Marks."

Metal Method Productions, Los Angeles, CA

​Londa Tarot Videos From Tamara Casper & Devaini Shop

U.S. Games Systems, Inc., who owns 80 of Londa's original oil paintings (as seen in videos here) she created for "Londa Tarot" deck (named by U.S. Games) houses them in a private museum along with Salvador Dali tarot and 15th century Visconti-Sforza tarot. 

Stuart Kaplan Pamela Colman Smith and Londa R. Marks Painting The Shadow

Stuart Kaplan in his office at

U.S. Games Systems, publisher

of Londa Tarot. Original \character created by Londa Marks behind him (top left).

Art That Tells A Story - Your Story

Artist's have the ability to embed magick into their art. Tarot cards exemplify this. They are a nexus to a magickal, prophetic story when combined with various tarot cards in readings. The cards tell possibilities of who we are, where we are, where we’ve been, and where we’re going. Adept storytellers can reveal the magick in tarot art by articulating the intimate tale meant solely for whom the cards are dealt.


Londa Marks Studio Magazine

Kismet, Way Of The Sword Tarot Card Gallery Scene With Londa R. Marks 1993.jpg

Londa Marks 1993

The Nail

Upon visiting Cafaggiolo September 10, 2015 it was emphasized to Londa that nothing can be removed or taken as a souvenir, not even a rock. Of course she was in agreement. Londa and the owner of the Cafaggiolo proceeded to have a great chat about the Medici family, which she knows a lot about. After a great and surreal presence and discussion, as Londa was leaving, the owner said, "Wait." He went into one of the old workshops then went to Londa and handed her an original nail that was part of a collection of when it was built in 1452.  

cafaggiolo nail.png



Born, Londa O'linn Finkel, February 26, 1952 in a historic Irish Catholic community of Marietta, Ohio, Londa Marks is mostly autodidact (self educated) artist. Londa did study under New York artist Murray Stern (1927–1985) in the early 1970's. Murray, was an art professor from Athens, Ohio whose work is in the Kennedy Museum of Art Collection. His work is also seen in 30 Broadway plays and 50 movies including Ragtime and Cotton Club. Murray encouraged Londa to focus on her original art and worked closely with her at West Virginia University and his personal studio in Athens, Ohio. 

Art Professor Murray Stern said,“Your original illustrations are knocking me on my ear; you’re a natural.”

Londa age 2_edited.jpg

Wondrous Inspirations

Londa's earliest inspiration came from being with her grandmother, where the art books were - and when she saw the back of her grandmother's couch or, in Londa's eyes, saw a large canvas (along with her dad's antique book blank pages) that was ideal for the perfect medium: her grandmother's handy lipstick. Being age 2 has its advantages… And, being Catholic opened the Italian doors to art that resonated with Londa and has not stopped. 

Approaching her teens Londa discovered how rock music added another dimension of inspiration to her artwork. Daily walks to Catholic school turned a sidewalk into her stage and the grass her audience. She would sing to the grass then continue on her large front porch after school - ten steps up from the street after plugging her radio into the porch outlet, well, until her mother ripped the plug out of the socket during her performance. Nevertheless, Londa could always retreat to creating her own worlds silently through the magick of art.

< Londa Marks 1954 age 2, at her grandmother's house, where it all started. 

londaposters (1).gif

Londa Tarot

Named By and Published By U.S. Games Systems 


Londa Tarot is Londa Marks first tarot deck of 15 tarot decks she has created. It was named by CEO Stuart Kaplan, owner of U.S. Games Systems, Inc., Stamford, CT.

U.S. Games Systems, Inc., kept Londa Tarot in production from 1993 to 1998 and Crow's Magick Tarot was in production from 1997 to 2017. It is currently Out Of Print. When searching Google for either of these decks the out of print sales range from $200 to $700+, for example:


Comment From 

"The Londa Tarot arose from the displeasure of the designer with the already existing decks with which she couldn’t connect. Experiences from a past as a creative designing costumes and make up for a rock band and an interest for Native Americans ultimately led to the unusual design of the cards that show an otherworldly style varying from gothic to classic Italian. The images also reflect a typical early nineties feeling: a lot of Big Hair is shown while the figurines are somewhat elfin. A bit like David Bowie going Bold and the Beautiful. These extraordinary cards possess all the qualities necessary to become true cult tarot cards."

DevainiShop says:

"Out of print Londa Tarot is a deck that opens before the fortune teller the enchanting world of the forever young elves. The beauty of this deck cannot be described, you need to feel it, because each card is a separate piece of art, fanciful costumes, grotesque poses and the elves in their own fantastic world.

Characters - the elves will speak to you in their own language. Their piercing glances look at you slyly, sometimes even severely, looking into the most secret corners of the soul, showing off the right way. Tarot Londa is suitable not only for analyzing internal problems, but also for meditation, since the cards are very intuitive and speaking. Perfect for viewing situations related to relationships with people, the world around you and financial issues."


All Tarot Decks By Londa R. Marks >

“Color and drama are trademark elements of spiritual artist Londa Marks -- creator of the Londa Tarot and Crow's Magick Tarot. Now, Marks unveils a new majors-only deck. The Alchemist Tarot features designs where costumed characters tell a story of alchemy, magic, and wish fulfillment. Designed for meditation and psychic readings, these twenty-two cards will draw you into the mystical world of the Hermetic Order of Alchemy, and lay the groundwork for an empowering experience." —Tarot Garden (

"The Alchemist Tarot is an otherworldly, magickal tarot with figures of alienesque elegance. Artist Londa Marks has hand-printed the 22 cards in giclee on fine art paper, giving them a weightly quality and vibrant colour. Definitely one for the deck collectors." —Aeclectic Tarot (

Awarded "Best in Show Costume Recreation"

At Tarot Garden

"...Some time back, we suggested to some of them that the characters in your tarot would make wonderful source material for competition-level costumes. The presentation took the workmanship award for "Best Media Recreation," and the judges' award for "Best in Show." It was very well received, thanks to your marvelous designs we became Londa Tarot characters in full costume and makeup." To visit The Tarot Garden and see the live "Londa Tarot" characters click here.

—Jeannette Roth, The Tarot Garden

TV Series

"We love The Hierophant from your, "The Alchemist Tarot" project and would like to use it in Witchblade TV Series."   

—Witchblade TV Series


Los Angeles TV Interview

Los Angeles Western astrologer Terence Guardino since 1977 featured Londa Marks on one of his PBS KCET TV shows in 1998. Terence produced and hosted in Los Angeles a popular public access TV show, "Astrology and You," from 1984-2004.


Crow's Magick Tarot

First Ever Tarot Created on Computer

By Londa R. Marks

Crow's Magick Tarot was published in 1998 by US Games Systems Inc, Stamford USA and printed by Carta Mundi. It was the first ever created digital tarot deck created completely on computer. 


Crow’s Magick Tarot Deck, the first ever digital tarot deck created by Londa Marks is available for $229 at various outlets.

78 cards with 2 extra cards, a little white booklet and a paper back book that is part of a book / deck set. 


Reviews, Quotes & Comments 

Numerous reviews on Londa R. Marks work can be found on search outlets. Below are a few:

Aeclectic Tarot Blog

Featured on in an interview with Londa R. Marks and reviews of her tarot decks.


“Londa Tarot is a tarot with attitude, it reaches out and shouts its style.” —Adam McClean


The Alchemist Tarot

“The whole effect integrates together to give strong, powerful and engaging images.” —Adam McClean

The Alchemist Tarot

"The long awaited, Londa Marks Alchemist Tarot is now available." He said as he placed the now opened box before me. He handed me the cards. The matte finish of the Alchemist Tarot is a perfect backdrop for a colourful and visionary approach for a hermetic based modern derivative of a majors-only divination and personal manifestation system. Reading with Majors-Only decks is a subject near and dear to my heart, and the Alchemist Tarot is a fresh new look at this continental standard. The Alchemist Tarot is a complete system based on Hermetic Qabalah for both divination and as an aide in attaining more of the things and goals that we desire. It's a great print job. They did everything right. —Timeless Spirit Magazine


Crow’s Magick

Crow's Magick tarot is one of the tarot decks used on


Medieval bed designed by Londa R. Marks for Henry Thomas, best known for his breakout role as Elliott in Steven Spielberg's film E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial acquired a medieval bed designed by Londa R. Marks and built by her son Edward.

Gallery Showings

Denver, Colorado

Londa R. Marks has shown and sold her paintings at Ink Spot Gallery in Denver, Colorado during late 70s.

Pete Way

Pete Way (Founder, Songwriter, Bassist UFO/WAYSTED)

Londa R. Marks Founded Pete Way Facebook Group January 2015 

Artist's Son

Printer & Product Crafter at
Alchemist Publishing LLC
 "They did everything right."
—Timeless Spirit Magazine
Hawk Rock Band 80s Hollywood


Londa Marks was image designer & graphic artist
  Band members: Lonnie Vencent, Charles Morrill, Doug Marks, Scott Travis.


Music Magazines 
Rock Legend News By Londa R. Marks


Reviews Regarding Rock Legend News Founder

Londa R. Marks is founder/owner of Rock Legend News; co-founder Metal Method Productions; co-founder Los Angeles rock band HAWK; founder/administrator of Pete Way Facebook Group; Alchemist Publishing; Londa Marks Studio Florence; Italy.



Alan Spencer, Producer of TV Series Sledge Hammer


”Londa Marks hallmarks are professionalism, as well as great inspiration. There is no one more creative. The work she has done for me is beyond my highest expectations." —Alan Spencer, Alan Spencer Productions, Inc. (Sledge Hammer TV Series)



"I've always felt a special connection with you, Londa, because you always seemed to tune in to a deeper dimension of art and music and I could feel you were understanding even the smallest details of sound, the architecture of a piece of music. Sharing artistic experiences with you has always been a high that's impossible to duplicate."



"Londa knew I was the right vocalist for the HAWK project! She believed in me from the start. She totally designed the HAWK image. Londa was and still is a driving force in this world. She is a brilliant artist and visionary. I love her; she is the reason and was the doorway for all that has happened good in my life." 



Regarding an Interview Londa Marks worked on With Pete Way for Tempi-Dispari Magazine, Rome, Italy and Rock Legend News Firenze, Italy. 

Pete Way posted: "Thanks Londa, it's a great interview, Love, Pete xx"



Craig Goldy from his Destiny Bridge posted: December 29, 2014


“Check out this extremely talented artist Londa R. Marks!!!! Go to her page and see if she has more there.....but these are fantastic! And she too....should be a world renown artist!!”



Regarding Londa R. Marks' Nikki Sixx drawings:


"Londa, if only half of the musicians on this planet had your talent it would be such an awesome music industry. You are amazing!"


—Love always,




"Dzienkuje Bardzo, Bravo, God Bless, and a Hearty Hi Yo Silver! To the wonderful and lovely Londa R. Marks once again, who is SO responsible due to her bestowing upon me the latest cover story in Rock Legend News, for the sudden upswing in all the positive comments and kind support on my timeline from all my readers and friends and fans...Take a well-deserved bow

Ms. Marks!"



Fondatore (Founder) &

co-amministratore at

John Corabi Italia

“Who’s Londa? Londa? First, the best woman in the universe. My best friend and best manager.”

(not manager since 2015)



Metal Method Production Producer Regarding Rock Legend News Issue


March/April 2017, “Enjoyed this very much, especially the section on Hawk and early Metal Method! Londa, your artwork was a huge part of the success of Metal Method. In a time before the Internet, you created the visual impact and excitement that drew people to MM and made it look totally professional, even as a small “start-up"!"



Pete Way Official: Regarding images I created for his FB page:


"That's fabulous Londa. I'm trying to see if we can get your shots (the black and white and the purple hue one of me walking off stage) for the artwork on the new album if you would allow it. I'm also wanting to use one of them as a poster. You are so very talented xxx" (Pete Way, bassist UFO).



Regarding a post of my artwork Craig Goldy (Ronnie James Dio Guitarist) said,


"Very Cool Londa R. Marks!! I just put them up on my Craig Goldy's Destiny Bridge page meant to spotlight the talents and gifts of those here on FB!! Nice one Londa!!”



”Awesome work…didn't realize you are a talented artist. Love this era of Motley Crue...and love your art.... talented lady."



"Londa, as you'll find out, is a very special person, an incredibly gifted artist. She's also punctual, reliable, has the ability to meet deadlines "at all costs" and is a very hard worker. I have never met an artist with more natural ability and creativity."



Lonnie Vencent (bassist HAWK & BULLETBOYS) said in an interview, “First, Londa was the fifth member of HAWK. She was a huge part of that. Second, I love working with her. She is the consummate professional.”



Regarding Artwork: "Brilliant work Londa.” Love, Pete xx (Pete Way, bassist UFO) Regarding an image I posted onto Pete Way Official: “Good Morning. Londa R. Marks was kind enough to send me this photo, thanks Londa.” love, Pete xx



CEO USGames, The world's largest publisher of tarot books and cards. Note: They own 80 original paintings by Londa R. Marks and have housed them in a private art museum with Salvador Dali and various other artists work including from the 15th century Italy.


”Londa, you are one of the most talented artist's I've had the honor of working with.”

Tarot Chat With Artist / Author

Engage in a live text conversation with tarot author/artist Londa Marks & see what tarot has to say about your life story.

”Londa Marks hallmarks are professionalism, as well as great inspiration. There is no one more creative. The work she has done for me is beyond my highest expectations." —Alan Spencer, Alan Spencer Productions, Inc. (Sledge Hammer TV Series).  

Londa Marks 2014 Firenze Across From Limbo



Email sessions available.

Appointments  Check Availability 

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