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“Art and Magick always call to each other," said 15th century sponsor of Renaissance artists & ruler of Florence, Italy Cosimo de’ Medici. This statement could not apply to anything better than Tarot. Keep discovering #londamarksstudio World Of Tarot products because tarot cards are not the only tool that holds tarot's magickal answers. Explore the power of Tarot. Integrate your favorite tarot products into your Storybook House and experience tarot essences that surround you. 

You are purchasing Art Studio collectibles, one-of-a-kind art, unique and peerless, like no other.

Gift Card

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Product Details

This is a digital gift card. You can use it for yourself or give to anyone as a gift. This gift card can only be used as payment for any products or services on the store.

What to expect

  • After the purchase, you will receive an email with the gift card and instructions on how to use it.
  • Gift cards never expire!
  • If you lose your card just Contact Us and we will send you a replacement, at no charge, with the exact balance your gift card has available.
  • Never have unusable leftover money on your gift card!
    If your gift card doesn't contain enough funds for the purchase you can use your credit card for the difference. Which is also a good way to use all the funds on your gift card!

How to use

  • To send a gift card to someone else you can either enter their email address at checkout so they will receive it right away. However, they will also receive the invoice showing the cost of the gift card and your billing address.
  • Or, you can enter your email address at checkout and once you receive the email containing the gift card just forward it to that individual.

Example showing where to enter your gift card number to pay for items:

Where to check your balance

  • During checkout the balance of your gift card is displayed, as shown below.
  • Or, you can view the gift card details from the link provided in the original confirmation email.

Exclusions of use

  • Only one gift card can be used per order.
  • A gift card cannot be used to buy another gift card.
  • Reselling our gift cards is prohibited.
  • Refunds, or exchanges are prohibited after the gift card has been used. If not used within a 15 day period from date of purchase, only an in store credit or exchange, less the 15% canceled service fee, for any item of equivalent monetary value is permitted.

Enjoy your card and Happy Gifting!

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