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Kismet, Way Of The Sword Tarocchi Digital Art Project

  • Rare Limited Edition Digital art from: Kismet, Way Of The Sword project.

  • Creator: Londa R. Marks.

Kismet, Way Of The Sword Tarocchi digital art project, inspired by rock's bass legend Pete Way and Florence, Italy's Supreme Poet Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy integrates an underlying foundation of cryptography: the art of writing codes or solving codes.

Florence, Italy visionary Londa R. Marks created stylized characters and scene designs that intertwine with 80 digital illustrations living in mythological concepts, surreal theatrics, music and poetically magical environments.

Limited Editions of 9 Giclee & TIFFs combined are available at and - Kismet art is from a card in a limited edition of 99 Kismet, Way Of The Sword Tarocchi decks.

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