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Nine Circles & Seven Gates of Oceanids, Limited Edition Digital Art

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

Rare digital creation of a unique montaged scene & original character. Limited Edition 9 by Florence, Italy visionary Londa R. Marks, extracted from her Kismet, Way Of The Sword Tarocchi digital art project with 80 similar card illustrations. This print is entitled: Nine Circles & Seven Gates of Oceanids. The respective card is entitled: Page Of Swords from the minor arcana suit.

Edition available: 1/9

Download TIFF. Asking $4,600

Accepted Payment: USD, Visa, MC, Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin. BUY NOW


Kismet, Way Of The Sword Tarocchi digital art project, inspired by rock's bass legend Pete Way and Florence, Italy's Supreme Poet Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy, integrates an underlying foundation of cryptography: the art of writing codes or solving codes with stylized characters and scene designs intertwined with mythological-esque concepts, surreal theatrics, music and poetically magical environments.

Nine Circles & Seven Gates Of Oceanids

The mythological nymph daughters, the Oceanids, form a chorus of the tragedy ahead. Through the seven gates where legends that rival the myths are found is a reminder that the journey of the soul towards God requires a trip through Hell.

The harlequin named the Page of Swords, warns Dante and Virgil as he points to this significant scene surrounding nine concentric circles of torment located within the Earth. The enigmatic Page has the ability to conceal his own nature and possess sought after secrets as he stays cool headed in dangerous situations. He consumes and hides omens only to use them if necessary on this complex journey.

Astrological elements related to this card's art are: air, earth of air - Pages are earth and the suit of swords is air.

The mythological montaged art piece provides a unique focal point for intellectual conversation.

Additional Details

Genre: Surrealism, Montage, Fantasy, Eclectic, Metaphysical

Format / Size Download high resolution TIFF 824.3 MB - 36.17 " x 59.14" - 91.8718 cm x 150.2156 cm - 3472.32 x 5677.44 pixels.


  • Limited Edition of 10 Giclee & TIFFs combined (image is included as a card in a limited edition of 200 tarocchi decks with additional art elements and one of 80 similar illustrations, making it another work of art and part of a story).

  • You are purchasing the full non-commercial rights to this creation.

  • You may download the full-sized creation to display or print for personal use.

  • Includes artist's brands/seal & numbered.

  • Certificate of authenticity.

  • Historic charting (owner documented and vaulted at Alchemist Publishing).

  • All sales are final.

What You are Buying

You are buying the highest resolution image in TIFF format with artists signature seal/brand and limited edition numbered copy registered in Alchemist Publishing historic charting vault. You are buying a digital creation to be owned. Upon purchase, the buyer will be given the right to use, distribute and display the creation for non-commercial purposes only. Buyers own this unique copy and can re-sell the creation on a secondary market.

As with any physical creation, the buyer of this work of art will be able to do what they would normally do with any purchased physical piece making digital creations more valuable.

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