Circle Of Power

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Limited Edition Tiff 1/9
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Product Details

Product Details

Brand/Logo/Signature: Londa Firenze

Limited Edition: 9

Title & Description
Circle Of Power

“Circle Of Power,” depicts astrological energies encircling a radiant soul whose hands are so magickal they have to be gloved.

A scene of an original illustrated character montaged with astrological symbolism created by visionary Londa R. Marks at her Firenze, Italy Studio.

Size / format

Digital Art TIFF
Large • 1800 × 3000 pixels
6” × 10” • 300 DPI • RGB TIFF

RGB TIFF images can store up to 16.7 million colors unlike JPEG s a TIFF file using lossless compression (or none) may be edited and re-saved without losing image quality.


Published by Alchemist Publishing LLC

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About the artist Londa R. Marks

TIFF files are much larger than JPEGs, and they're also lossless. That means you lose no quality after saving and editing the file, no matter how many times you do it.


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Storing original high-quality images/graphics

Lossless, high-quality images Compatible with lots of formats

Large file size Not great for web use

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Open TIFF in photoshop and save as JPG.

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