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Only 99 digital decks will be sold
Signed, Numbered & Certificate Of Authenticity

Digital Tarot Decks/Kits

Complete digital tarot kits cards & divinations,
in-depth illustrated instructions and extras.


We are all at-one with our technology devices because we intuitively know our ‘messages’ are there - all messages, not just with Planet Earth but with the universe too. So, instead of shuffling paper tarot cards, go a step further and ask the universe to tell you which digital tarot cards have messages for your tarot reading questions. 

World Of Tarot Digital Tarot Kits hold special connections with the Universe, cosmic frequencies, cryptography at a deeper level, brighter colors, clearer details; the magick of each card's meaning truly comes alive when you go digital. 

Examples of Digital Tarot Decks/Kits

Kismet, Way Of The Sword - 78 Card Deck/Kit

Rinascimento Tarocchi - Major Arcan Card Deck/Kit

Digital Tarot Decks/Kits

Limited Edition 99

Includes full color cards, booklets, instructions and extras.


Limited Edition Collector Tarot Decks by artist Londa R. Marks is currently only available in digital tarot format.


The digital version has been designed to be used as a workable tarot deck/kit in full color and comes complete with all cards, easy instructions, divinations, extras and all related content from the printed version and a bit more.


Limited Edition Collector Decks digital versions are downloadable and a passcode will also be sent to you for online viewing and use. Just like the printed version, your digital version will be one of 99 digital Limited Edition Collector Decks sold. We will also send you a certificate of authenticity, signed and numbered by the artist.


Limited Edition Collector Decks remain portable with you anywhere with access to the link to work with the digital version online and you will have a downloaded pdf with all of the same content if you want to print any part of it. You never have to worry about it getting lost or worn out. It will work on any device.

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Londa Tarot

By Londa R. Marks


From Tarocks.com 


"The Londa Tarot arose from the displeasure of the designer with the already existing decks with which she couldn’t connect. Experiences from a past as a creative designing costumes and make up for a rock band and an interest for Native Americans ultimately led to the unusual design of the cards that show an otherworldly style varying from gothic to classic Italian. The images also reflect a typical early nineties feeling: a lot of Big Hair is shown while the figurines are somewhat elfin. A bit like David Bowie going Bold and the Beautiful. These extraordinary cards possess all the qualities necessary to become true cult tarot cards." -Tarocks.com

The Londa Tarot was published in 1993 by US Games Systems Inc, Stamford USA. The copy shown on our site is a first 1993 edition.

The prolific artist Londa Marks is twice published by the world’s largest publisher of tarot decks and kits such as Lord Of The Rings Tarot, U.S. Games Systems, Inc., owns 80 of her original oil paintings she created for the "Londa Tarot" deck and have them stored in a private museum with Salvador Dali and 25th century Visconti-Sforza tarot. U.S. Games also owns and published the first ever created digital tarot deck, "Crow's Magick Tarot," by Londa R. Marks.


Stuart Kaplan, CEO U.S. Games Systems said, “You are one of the most talented artist’s I have had the honor of working with.”

DevainiShop says: "Out of print Londa Tarot is a deck that open before the fortune teller the enchanting world of the forever young elves. The beauty of this deck cannot be described, you need to feel it, because each card is a separate piece of art, fanciful costumes, grotesque poses and the elves in their own fantastic world.

Characters - the elves will speak to you in their own language. Their piercing glances look at you slyly, sometimes even severely, looking into the most secret corners of the soul, showing off the right way. Tarot Londa is suitable not only for analyzing internal problems, but also for meditation, since the cards are very intuitive and speaking. Perfect for viewing situations related to relationships with people, the world around you and financial issues."

Londa Tarot card video/images from DevaniShop

Crow's Magick Tarot

By Londa R. Marks

Crow's Magick Tarot was published in 1998 by US Games Systems Inc, Stamford USA and printed by Carta Mundi. It was the first ever created digital tarot deck created completely on computer. 


Crow’s Magick Tarot Deck, the first ever digital tarot deck created by Londa Marks is available for $229 at: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Crows-Magick-Tarot-Deck-and-Book-Set-by-Londa-Marks-U-S-Games-Systems-2001-/303223233716

78 cards with 2 extra cards, a little white booklet and a paper back book that is part of a book / deck set.