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Surrealism, Montage, Remastering, Fantasy, Eclectic, Metaphysical, Tarot

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Londa's second tarot deck, Crow's Magick Tarot (pub. 1998), is first ever tarot created entirely on computer. Her first tarot deck, Londa Tarot (pub. 1993), oil painted, was named by Stuart Kaplan CEO U.S. Games Systems who published & owns both tarot decks. 

Stuart Kaplan Pamela Colman Smith and Londa R. Marks Painting The Shadow

Stuart Kaplan in his office at U.S. Games Systems, publisher of

Londa Tarot. Original character named The Shadow, by Londa  behind him (top left).

“Londa, you are one of the most talented artist’s I have had the honor of working with.”

Stuart Kaplan CEO U.S. Games Systems (April 1, 1932—February 9, 2021) publisher of Londa Tarot, Crow's Magick Tarot by Londa and Lord Of The Rings Tarot. U.S. Games Systems is the world's largest publisher of tarot.

U.S. Games Systems, Inc., who owns 80 of Londa's original oil paintings (as seen in videos here) she created for "Londa Tarot" deck (named by U.S. Games) houses them in a private museum with Salvador Dali tarot and 15th century Visconti-Sforza tarot. U.S. Games also owns Crow's Magick tarot art.

Since 1993, Alchemist Publishing is exclusive publisher of Londa's works.


Tarot Kit Production


art and tarot collectibles.

Kismet, Way Of The Sword Tarot

Promo video for newest tarot

deck release.

Unboxing: Crow’s Magick Tarot

Crow's Magick Tarot by Londa Marks - First ever tarot deck created on computer. "Londa was ahead of her time."

​Londa Tarot Video From Tamara Casper

Reviewing Londa Tarot Published

By U.S. Games Systems.

Londa Tarot

From Devaini Shop

Showing Londa Tarot cards 

Published By

U.S. Games Systems.

Prints & Posters


Cartomancy is an alternative divination method using a regular deck of standard playing cards in a similar way to using a deck of tarot cards. Below is a table of standard playing cards relation to tarot. Londa.Studio art prints, cards and all items include hidden meanings and symbols related to tarot and standard playing cards including Londa, the artist, blurring into some scenes.  Parts of the Major Arcana mostly originated in elite ideology in the Italian courts of the 15th century when it was invented. Some aspects of it can be found in Londa's print scenes. 

Standard Playing Cards Relation To Major & Minor Tarot Decks
Pandora's Sanctuary
Pandora’s Sanctuary - The Crow’s Metamorphosis

“It was not a dream; it was a dimension of another world.”

The crow metamorphoses into Pandora then into Tarot’s High Priestess II, seen upon a labyrinth floor leading from Pandora’s throne stabilized by a symbolic Tree Of Life. The labyrinth is a journey to our own center and back again out into the world. 

Esoteric Mysteries:

  • Palm leave (male)

  • Pomegranates (female)

  • Peacock (devotion)

  • Bee (hard work)

  • Butterfly (death, rebirth, cycles)

  • Hand mirror (reflection)

  • White owl (As a spirit animal, the white owl sees past illusion and deception)

Limited Edition of 9 Giclée or TIFF

Print size: 40.5” X 15” $4200

The Next Bridge (and there is no next bridge)

The Next Bridge  (and there is no “next bridge")

Dante and Virgil are forced to escape. What a human being "brings over" at the time of his death is so important. When Dante and Virgil meet them, the leader of the Malacoda ("Evil Tail"), assigns a troop to escort the poets safely to the Next Bridge; the way has been found. The Malebranche threaten Virgil and Dante but angels, powerful beings, whose measure of existence and whose field of action exceed those of man. 

Limited Edition of 9 Giclée or TIFF

Print size: 40.5” X 15” $4200

Falcon's Fate

Falcon's Fate

Our fate cannot be taken from us. It is a gift.

Limited Edition of 9 Giclée or TIFF $1975

Print/Poster Size: 8.25" x 14.25"

Posters start at $225

Raven's Return

Raven's Return 

Thou art overtaken by Virgil, a great Roman poet, prophet & Middle Ages magician, revered yet ridiculed for his limitations.

Limited Edition of 9 Giclée or TIFF $1975

Print/Poster Size: 8.25" x 14.25"

Posters start at $225

Crows Alchemy - The Oracle

Crow's Alchemy, The Oracle

Their lives were ruled by chance & luck rather than reason or choice.

Limited Edition of 9 Giclée or TIFF $1975

Print/Poster Size: 8.25" x 14.25"

Posters start at $225

Queen Of Sheba's Hawk

Queen Of Sheba's Hawk 

Queen Of Sheba is surrounded by attendants and animals, both real and fantastic. Above her is a flying mythical bird.

Limited Edition of 9 Giclée or TIFF $1975

Print/Poster Size: 8.25" x 14.25"

Posters start at $225

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“Art and Magick always call to each other," said 15th century sponsor of Renaissance artists & ruler of Florence, Italy Cosimo de’ Medici. This statement could not apply to anything better than Tarot. Keep discovering World Of Tarot products at Londa.Studio because tarot cards are not the only tool that holds tarot's magickal answers. Explore the power of Tarot. Integrate your favorite tarot products into your Storybook House and experience tarot essences that surround you. 

(Image excerpt from Rinascimento Tarocchi by Londa)


Rinascimento Tarocchi deck/kit available in digital tarot format.

The Next Bridge (and there is no next bridge).jpg
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Tree Of Life

Studio Mascot

Londa.Studio mascot, the Scribe, is inspired by: IX Hermit tarot card; The Hermit is sometimes considered the mature and wiser version of, I The Magician. As such, both cards represent the astrological sign of Virgo, introspection, inner reflection, a level of spiritual knowledge attained & ready to impart that knowledge to everyone. 

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Excerpts from The Alchemist Tarot 

World Of Tarot | YouTube | 0:10 

World Of Tarot | YouTube | 0:31

World Of Tarot | ISSUU 30 Pages

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Way Of The Sword

"A Rock 'n Roll Divine Comedy"
By Londa Marks

78-Card Digital Tarot Deck &
22-Major Arcana Deck

Inspired by rock music's popular bass legend Pete Way & Florence, Italy's Supreme Poet Dante Alighieri 

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