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Kismet, Limited Edition Digital Art

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Brand: Londa Firenze

Genre: Surrealism, Montage, Fantasy, Eclectic, Metaphysical

Limited Edition: 9

Format / Size
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- 29.25" x 17.985" - 1726.56 px x 2808 pixels. Image shown here is low resolution.

This is a digitized composition, primary market fine art asset from an original digital medium illustration originally designed for the Kismet, Way Of the Sword tarot deck which maintains a similar theme throughout all 80 illustrations.

Theme Highlights
This scene depicts a visionary perspective in relation to the metaphysics of destiny; the choice is always: “La Folie ou L’Alchimiste : Madness or Alchemist.”

Typically shown as a Jester or The Fool, the harlequin character in “Kismet, Way Of The Sword,” is one of several harlequin’s throughout the deck that shows up when we need them — need them, not necessarily want them.

Kismet’s trunk is always packed for the next adventure and carries a large key or sword because Kismet’s travels and risks have brought large knowledge - keys and the sword to making decisions. A crow flies along for the ride paying his way by revealing omens.

The metaphysics of choices are derived from the harlequin’s adventures. Kismet, the harlequin symbolizes a soul’s journey; fate, destiny; acts in a play, on a stage, in scenes, depicting possibilities, affirmations and mythological messages powered by belief.

This scene is from Kismet, Way Of The Sword Tarocchi project and card: 0 Kismet in the major arcana suit. Astrological elements related to this card art are air, Uranus and number 0.

Kismet is a unique focal point for meditation or intellectual conversation.


  • Limited Edition of 9 Giclee & TIFFs combined (image is included as a card in a limited edition of 99 tarocchi decks with additional art elements and one of 80 similar illustrations, making it another work of art and part of a story).
  • You're purchasing the full non-commerical rights to this creation.
  • You may download the full-sized creation to display or print for personal use.
  • No border.
  • Artist's brands/seal & numbered.
  • Certificate of authenticity.
  • Historic charting (owner documented and vaulted).
  • Mounting is not available for this item.
  • All sales are final.

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Special Note
Custom requests or hand embellishments are never accommodated on any limited edition piece. Commissions from established individual patrons or private consortiums for non limited edition art is considered for discussion. Contact us with requests.

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