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Author Chat With Londa R. Marks

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Live Text Chat Session with Author/Artist Londa R. Marks

Live Chat Author Session Prices:

  • $149 per 15-Minute Live Chat Author Session.
  • $413 per 60-Minutes Live Chat Author Session: Must be used at one session. ($264 will be added to the $149 price).
  • Complimentary 10-Minute Private Texting Chat With Purchase of Any Tarot Deck.
  • 10-Free Minutes With 1st Session!



This chat may be the best investment you've made in your life so have your questions ready to get the most out of your chat session. Keep in mind that chats are based on knowledge, skills and intuitive opinions of the author but is not medical, financial, or legal advice.

Alchemist Publishing publishes Londa R. Marks self invented numerous products including 13 Tarocchi decks & kits, games, luxury products, fashion & accessories and reproduction medieval furnishings, Rock Legend News magazines and World Of Bitcoin magazines. Londa is adept at tarot, astrology, visual arts and answers questions regarding relationships, money, cryptography, and modern technology, Bitcoin and cryptocurrrencies.

Londa R. Marks has been published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc. Stamford, CT, for Londa Tarot & Crow's Magick Tarot decks and books/kits with 80 of her original paintings now housed in U.S. Games private art museum alongside Salvador Dali art and 15th century Visconti-Sforza decks.

Chat Sessions Available Times:
THUR, FRI, SAT 6A - 11A EST (or when Live Chat button is Available Now)

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!
If you are not happy with how your Live Chat Author Session is going just stop within 5 minutes and ask to be transferred to customer service.

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Alchemist, Medici, Rinascimento & Kismet, Way Of The Sword 

by Londa R. Marks


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